Session 3: Homework review, case conceptualization, safety planning

The patients’ written feedback, in response to the handout, is discussed. The draft of the case conceptualization is collaboratively revised.

The case conceptualization formulates personal vulnerabilities and suicide triggers, providing the rationale for the need to develop individual warning signs and safety strategies for future suicidal crises.
The written case conceptualization and the personal safety strategies are printed and handed out to the patient, with additional copies for the health professionals involved in treatment.

Long-term goals, warning signs, and safety strategies are copied to a credit-card sized folded leaflet (“Leporello”) and given to the patient. Patients are instructed to carry this leaflet on them at all times, and to consult it in the event of an emotional crisis.

Related publication: Stanley, Brown, et al., 2018.
Image Safety Planning
Safety Planning
Image Leporello
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