Session 4 (optional): Re-exposure

The aim of this last session is to practice the strategies developed. For this purpose, a “mini exposure” is conducted with the patient, using the video-recorded narrative interview. The idea is that the suicidal mode is re-activated, and that patients should explicitly indicate at which point in time, and with which strategies they would now be able to stop the suicidal process. The video-based re-exposure can be repeated several times if necessary. Sometimes it may result in a revision of the safety strategies.

Continued contact with regular letters

Participants receive semi-standardized letters over a period of 24 months, 3-monthly in the first year, and 6-monthly in the second year. The letters remind participants of the long-term risk of future suicidal crises and the importance of the safety strategies. Letters are signed personally by the ASSIP therapist. Patients are informed that they do not have to respond to the letters, but that a feedback about how things are going would be welcome. In the cases where patients write back (usually via e-mail), the ASSIP therapist acknowledges this in the following letter.

Image Regular Letters
Regular Letters
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