The Efficacy of Crisis Interventions for Suicide Attempters: Randomized controlled trial of ASSIP and crisis counseling at FAMH. Main author: Isometsä E. (Helsinki).

Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program, ASSIP. Patienternas upplevelse av behandlingen, terapeuternas erfarenhet ochterapitrogenhet”; a pilot study. Main author: Westrin Å. (Lund).

Interviews with the therapists. Main author: Bergqvist E. (Lund).

Interviews with the patients. Main author: Bergqvist E. (Lund).

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Suicidal adults with alcohol or drug use problems: A new hospital-based treatment. Main author: Conner K. (Rochester).

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Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of a Targeted Brief Intervention for Suicide Attempt Survivors. Main Author: Pisani A. (Rochester).

Research Projects in Bern

Does long-term treatment with psychotropic medication following attempted suicide reduce suicide ideation and reattempts? The role of medication in the ASSIP RCT-24 months follow-up. Main author: Michel, K.

SweSynASSIP: Self-efficacy as an effect factor of ASSIP and its relation to movement synchrony in therapy sessions. Main author: Hostettler L.

IAT: Measurement of implicit associations with relevance for the suicidal process. Main author: Gysin-Maillart A.

NePysASSIP: The Influence of the Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program of the Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program on Neuropsychological Correlates. Main author: Gysin-Maillart A.

MBPPAS: Mental Pain in the Short Therapy ASSIP. In cooperation with Glaesmer H., Teismann T., Forkmann Th. Main author: Gysin-Maillart A.

The influence of the time of the first contact in ASSIP on the therapy outcome. Main author: Krückl J.

The influence of control-related experiences on the outcome of the Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program. Main author: Gysin-Maillart A.
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